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Sustainability and Opportunities

By the second quarter, we were able to successfully complete projects in the field of trade fair booths and events. Our customers were thrilled with the new technical innovations and sustainable trade fair booths.

Sustainable Aluminum

We work with the Matrix construction system, which utilizes frames and profiles made of premium aluminum to improve the environmental footprint. Matrix Systems relies on EcoLumTM aluminum, which produces less than 4.0 metric tons of CO2e per ton of metal. This is three and a half times better than the industry average and takes into account both direct and indirect emissions (Scope 1 and Scope 2). The aluminum primarily comes from hydroelectric-powered smelters in North America and Europe.

Sustainable Wall Inserts

We work with recyclable textiles, whether it's a blockout or translucent fabric. It is certified with B1 (fire-resistant, self-extinguishing) and is PVC-free. Our fiberboard panels are made from recycled paper and are infinitely recyclable. In our Matrix construction system, we can also use recycled paper that meets the B1 fire class. This paper can be used multiple times, and at the end of its lifespan, it is further processed into a fiberboard panel.

Huber AG Exhibition Management is a pioneer in the trade fair industry and actively advocates for sustainability to provide new opportunities to its customers.


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