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Ceiling cladding

Paper as a perfect decoration medium

As a light yet dimensionally stable material, Drop Paper is ideal for creative indoor solutions

(Wall cladding, room dividers, ceilings, etc.).

Messe Baselworld 2017

Ceiling paneling with honeycomb pattern

The honeycomb system consisting of many individual honeycombs made of drop paper as ceiling covering effectively prevents the view of unsightly hall ceilings and creates atmosphere.


• Safety ceiling system.

• Masking effect.
• Light and elegant, good light diffusion.
• Good sound absorption.
• Easy assembly.
• Available in 3 qualities and a wide range of colors.

Masked light

Paralume benefits from the lightness and transparency of the drop paper and enables creative solutions for luminous ceilings through different arrangements of round or angular elements.


• Perfect covering of the ceiling regardless of the viewing angle.
• Masking effect.
• Conformity with the current safety regulations
• Easy installation on existing ceiling structures.
• Variable light diffusion.
• Laser drop can be used.

High tension paper

Drop paper ceiling made of semicircular elements, which are held in shape by curved aluminum profiles at the ends.
As with drop stripe, the paper is attached to taut wires with small clips;
The curved elements hang on aluminum tubes that are pushed through a simple hemstitch.
The distance between the tubes and the length of the strips determine the height of the waves.

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